Usability Testing & Audit

Optimise your digital products for better user experience.

Usability Testing & Audit

Optimise your digital products for better user experience.

QA usability testing consultants

The value of a refined user experience is often overlooked by businesses. Poor usability can affect your customer loyalty, directly impacting your sales, revenue, and brand reputation. Software usability testing and audit can help you identify all usability-related issues before the website or application is released to the end users.

As a renowned usability testing company, VentureDive assures that your website or application works in a realistic business set-up and use cases that simulate real user behaviour. Our specialised usability testing consultants collect necessary usability data and make recommendations to accelerate the solution’s user adoption.

Benefits of usability testing


Successful estimations

Helps us calculate the time participants take to complete the task.


Guaranteed user satisfaction

Makes sure to satisfy users with an excellent customer digital experience


Efficiency & accuracy

Catalyzes the product efficiency & ensures acceptance criteria are met.


Enhanced performance

Advances the improvement process with feedback & changes required.


Problems identification

Detects problems and enables you to isolate them at the early stages of development.


Mitigate user adoption risks

Save time and money on development and redesign efforts due to poor user experience.

Usability testing services at VentureDive

UX research

To go beyond pure usability testing & unlock deeper insights about user personas & user journeys

Hallway or Guerrilla testing

To help designers identify “brick walls” in the early stages of a new design

Expert testing

To identify usability concerns from the viewpoint of a domain-specific expert

A/B testing

To identify changes that increase or maximize an outcome of interest

UI/UX testing

To ensure users understand how to use the UI, & study how it makes them feel

Remote usability testing

In case prospective users are located in different countries and time zones

The scope of our usability testing expertise spans all aspects of an application’s user interface design

Information architecture

Assess how clear and intuitive the solution’s information architecture is, by evaluating:

  • Navigation structure
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Labels & categories
  • Search, and more

User journey

Study the test group’s engagement with the website or applications to identify:

  • Defective workflow logic
  • Redundancy & inadequacies in user journeys
  • Over-complicated or unintuitive steps

Graphical interface

Uncover defects and errors in different areas of the interface, including:

  • Menu bars
  • Progress bars
  • Buttons
  • Navigational elements
  • Input fields
  • Notifications, and more

Our usability testing process

To provide such an extensive testing coverage, our strategy includes the following steps:

Define audit & testing goals

Develop test tasks

Create test user groups

Outline the user journey(s)

Assess the interface design

Conduct heuristic evaluation

Draft an audit report

Tailored strategy for your software

We tailor our testing practices to each digital experience and product, ensuring a 360-degree assessment to uncover the best possible user experience of the given software type.

Mobile applications

Mobile apps are tested on an extensive range of mobile devices, to pin down user experience interruptions like unresponsive gestures, excessive notifications, and more.

Web apps & websites

Our team covers all crucial aspects of usability for web apps and websites, including the position of CTAs, search convenience, user onboarding flows, navigation menu structures, etc.

Desktop applications

VentureDive’s usability consultants evaluate the client-side of your software to detect inconsistencies in control panels, redundant or misplaced GUI elements, overly complicated user flows, etc.

Engagement Models

We provide performance software testing services under the three engagement models:

Staff augmentation

Extend your team with the highly skilled talent to complete time-sensitive technical projects. We provide off-shore/nearshore QA services for short-term and long-term assistance, based on your project timeline.

Managed QA services

Leverage dedicated teams of experienced QA engineers and consultants. They help execute high-quality QA testing and ensure delivery of a bug-free and user-friendly product that helps grow your revenue and business.

Fixed cost solutions

Benefit from teams curated specifically for your project and business needs. Focus on business strategy and growth, hassle-free, while we guarantee timely, bug-free, and high-quality project delivery for you.

Get transparent & result-oriented testing services

QA Services at VentureDive offers cost- and time-effective flexible testing services to ensure software availability, smooth, and uninterrupted functioning, cybersecurity, scalability, and stability.

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