Quality assurance consulting

Optimize your quality assurance workflows so you stay in control and drive high performance and quality throughout the software development life cycle.

Looking for an advisory on quality and process improvement for your product?

Leverage our expertise in developing quality software to improve process flow, shorten development timelines, and effectively manage project scope.

Let’s face it: all software has flaws, vulnerabilities, or weaknesses. Assuming any piece of code is perfect puts your company at risk — you need an effective, reliable way to discover and remediate software issues before they go live. 

Our software QA consulting services are designed to provide the actionable, immediate feedback you need to improve your software quality. Through a collaborative approach, we help you:

  • Establishment of goals and vision for the QA team.
  • Definition & documentation of a practical & realistic process 
  • Implementation of the Shift Left perspective
  • Selection of the right tools
  • Automation of all Repeatable Tasks
  • Evaluate resources current skill set and enhance their skills
  • Identify & conduct Training based on need & priority
  • Selection of the right metrics to evaluate performance 

Our QA consulting services help you identify gaps in your software testing process by:

1. Designing a comprehensive, systematic QA process to help you eliminate quality issues and bottlenecks.

2. Looking into legacy workflows and suggesting how to best reshape them to fit into the transformed environment.

3. Reviewing and fine-tuning existing QA practices to ensure that quality requirements are met.

4. Optimizing your spending on software QA
without compromising on the quality or frequency of releases.

5. Identifying ways of retrofitting testing infrastructures in line with continuous testing, SAFe, Agile, and TDD practices.

Benefits of QA Consultancy

  • Better software workflow
  • Transparent QA processes
  • Software & testing optimization
  • Testing cost optimization
  • Manageable workflow between units
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • 100% increase in product quality
  • Team training on QA best practices
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How can QA consultancy help

Our QA consultants help you adopt best QA practices, solving for enterprise-level challenges like:

Compromised software quality

QA engineers at VentureDive follow a strict protocol and standard operations procedure to eliminate the risk of sub-standard elements and ensure quality in your products.

Underperforming existing QA

Previously implemented QA measures can go obsolete real quick. VentureDive reviews and implements new, updated techniques to fulfill the requirements.

Updated methodologies

It’s hard to keep up with corporate business process maturity, VentureDive’s QA team is a well-oiled machine that can cater to all business needs and requirements.

Company-wide transformations

When restructuring, VentureDive is always a step ahead in understanding the company’s legacy and goals, hence, suggesting effective measures to fit the new environment.

Performance testing

What do we consult on?

  • Enterprise apps
  • BI & Big Data solutions
  • Web Portals
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Customer apps

Engagement models

We provide QA consulting services under the three engagement models:

Staff Augmentation

Extend your team with highly skilled talent to complete time-sensitive technical projects. We provide off-shore/nearshore QA services for short-term and long-term assistance, based on your project timeline.

Managed QA Services

Leverage dedicated teams of experienced QA engineers and consultants. They help execute high-quality QA testing and ensure delivery of a bug-free and user-friendly product that helps grow your revenue and business.

Fixed Cost Solution

Benefit from teams curated specifically for your project and business needs. Focus on business strategy and growth, hassle-free, while we guarantee timely, bug-free, and high-quality project delivery for you.

Quality assurance consultancy approach we follow

Before you engage with our QA service experts, our QA consultants follow their own protocol to decipher your business requirements and suggest the best possible solution. We follow a simple, 3-step process to help you solve your needs:

1. Audit

We start by thoroughly researching and identifying the problems linked to your QA process. After analyzing the workflow, we find the definite root cause.

2. Plan

Now we turn towards the suggested services to tackle the deficiency and plan an effective roadmap with the right tools to work with.

3. Implement

Depending on your requirements, VentureDive offers pre-, present- and post-QA services for businesses large and small. 

VentureDive as your Software QA consulting partner

With nearly 12 years in the IT industry, VentureDive has bagged rich experience in software development and quality assurance. Leverage our knowledge and domain expertise to adopt these for your business or product:

  • Talented QA consultants and engineers
  • Manual and Automated workflows 
  • Agile methodologies
  • Best testing practices
  • Advanced QA tools and technologies
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Domain experts across VentureDive love to pen down their experiences of working on diverse projects. Through our blog, they share their expertise, the grind they go through to deliver success, and the bliss of client happiness and user satisfaction. 

Get transparent & result-oriented testing services

QA Services at VentureDive offers cost- and time-effective flexible testing services to ensure software availability, smooth, and uninterrupted functioning, cybersecurity, scalability, and stability.

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