Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Manage release cycles, test complex systems, and automate the unimaginable through our Robot Process automation service to ensure the highest product quality for your business with 100% reliability and precision.

Looking to get your product to market in record time? 

Ensure top-quality output and accelerate time-to-market by going beyond agile delivery. Adopt pervasive process automation that minimizes cost and optimizes processes. 

The best way to do that is through a digital workforce that can easily be replicated and scaled to meet peak and typical workloads. RPA allows you to provide clear and transparent information regarding the process with logs and transaction history.

VentureDive’s RPA as a Service reduces the efforts on manual training by making intelligent use of resources and improving compliance, allowing you to focus more on strategy, creativity, and building connectivity. Our test automation engineers:

  • Think like a customer
  • Test the application as a whole
  • Understand the user experience
  • Ensure high quality throughout a release

Our RPA strategy is designed to help you beat implementation challenges by:

  1. Selecting the right processes to automate, i.e. tasks that are repetitive, rules-based, high volume, and do not require human judgment.
  2. Setting realistic expectations: Since RPA’s functionality, timelines, and expected results may vary from company to company, we make decisions on technology & processes based on your specific needs.
  3. Change management or maintenance: Regular scheduled maintenance or change management processes must be implemented and practiced.
  4. Infrastructure Issues: We provide you with a centralized infrastructure team that can expedite the implementation process.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

  • Codeless and simple
  • Scalability and accuracy
  • Cost-effective and productive
  • Data migration and change management
  • Test integration
  • Cognitive automation
RPA Asset

Robotic Process Automation Use Cases

Leverage our expertise in RPA to fast-track processes and maintain a healthy automation pipeline across a range of industries and use cases.

Our expertise

  • Advisory on RPA readiness
  • Advisory on RPA strategy & planning
  • Recommendations on post-RPA maturity
  • RPA pilot implementation
  • Bot design & development
  • Bot deployment & maintenance
  • Maintenance & support

Processes we automate

  • Onboarding
  • Data migration & entry
  • Generating mass emails
  • Updating CRM
  • Payroll automation
  • Loan processing
  • Claims processing
  • Customer order processing

Industries we enable

  • Banking & Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Education 
  • Retail
  • Human resources
  • Entertainment
  • Telecomm
security testing benefits

What do we test?

We offer our testing services to a diverse set of clientele. The products that we test include:

  • Enterprise apps
  • BI & Big Data solutions
  • Web Portals
  • E-commerce Solutions

Engagement models

We provide robotic process automation services under the three engagement models:

Staff Augmentation

Extend your team with highly skilled talent to complete time-sensitive technical projects. We provide off-shore/nearshore QA services for short-term and long-term assistance, based on your project timeline.

Managed QA Services

Leverage dedicated teams of experienced QA engineers and consultants. They help execute high-quality QA testing and ensure delivery of a bug-free and user-friendly product that helps grow your revenue and business.

Fixed Cost Solution

Benefit from teams curated specifically for your project and business needs. Focus on business strategy and growth, hassle-free, while we guarantee timely, bug-free, and high-quality project delivery for you.

RPA Consulting Services at VentureDive

RPA enables better process efficiency with reduced manual effort and lowered operational costs. Our RPA experts help you with end-to-end testing, using advanced tools and technologies, and proven methodologies, processes, and frameworks so you can establish a centralized RPA function. 

We ensure the stability and reliability of a software product(s)/service(s) well before it enters the production phase. VentureDive delivers both manual and automated testing solutions that provide an optimal approach to expedite RPA processes related to your project.


Reduction in processing time per transaction


Accuracy rate for processed transactions


less human resource (8 FTE work is handled by 3 Bots)

Robotic process automation approach we follow

With highly-qualified RPA specialists on board, VentureDive follows a robust approach and formulates personalized automation plans to assure that all requisites of the application are achieved as expected.

  1. Identify repetitive tasks that can be optimized by implementing RPA
  2. Identify manual or automated testing requirements for each process
  3. Instead of testing the entire process, select only those apps/actions/outputs that are impacted by the RPA bots
  4. Enable end-to-end automation scripting by combining various open-source test automation tools
  5. Produce a single automation script from creating test data to bot execution and validation across impacted apps and systems
  6. Operates multiple and complex tasks across multiple systems. This helps to process transactions, manipulate data and send reports
  7. Reuse automation script in higher environments like system integration testing and user acceptance testing

Our RPA process


  • RPA readiness assessment
  • RPA tool assessment
  • Strategy and planning
  • Post RPA maturity assessment


  • Toll evaluation and recommendation
  • RPA Pilot
  • RPA roadmap development


  • Design
  • Development


  • Bot test
  • Bot regression
  • Bot upgrade


Testing Closure
  • Deploy
  • Hyper care
  • Maintenance


Service delivery
  • LI/L2 support
  • Healthcheck
  • Monitoring

Tools we use in robotic process automation

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