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Quality Assurance

Software Testing Methodologies & Their Importance in QA

Written by Sahar Butt

Find out the major software testing methodologies & how to choose the most suitable one. ...
RPA testing guide

Automated Testing

RPA Testing 101 - Process, Benefits & More

Written by Sahar Butt

What is one way to automate human tasks and reduce manual testing? RPA testing! Find out how to execute in this blog. ...
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Quality Assurance

The different types of software testing

Written by Adina Humayoon

Why are there so many different types of software testing, and what features benefit the software quality assurance of a ...
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Automated Testing

Best Practices in Test Automation

Written by Iqra Bibi

Our guide to test automation best practices curated by experts helping our business partners achieve quality results at ...
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Automated Testing

How we did it: QA Automation of Muslims by IslamicFinder

Written by Hammad Shabbir

Muslims by IslamicFinder is a community engagement app that connects Muslims globally. Learn how we performed QA automat ...

Quality Assurance

How quality assurance can save money for your business

Written by Khansa Idrees

Uphold Quality Assurance standards to ensure smooth and bug-free delivery of products and solutions, cutting down develo ...

QA Team Augmentation

How to manage your outsourced QA teams

Written by Ghufran Haque

QA outsourcing has been a popular choice with technology companies and but management issues are why some are apprehensi ...

QA Outsourcing

A brief guide: QA outsourcing & why it may be a great idea for your business

Written by Rabia Hai

Setting up an in-house QA team can be a hassle. This is why most tech companies prefer to outsource their QA processes. ...